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Author Topic: Crazy Sexy ItazuraVR updates! Bondage, bathtime, bikinis, + more!  (Read 2808 times)


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You used to play together and suddenly she came back and lives next door! She has grown into a fine, young woman. She is alone, so it's up to you to make her feel welcome...

It's a sweet VR experience for HTCVive and OculusRift but can also work in a non-VR mode! You will love the immersion and how she makes eye-contact with you and responds to your movements and touches on her body!

We have numerous updates and content for Itazura! Check them out below!



Free Demo:

Special Edition

Itazura VR SPECIAL EDITION: -- Same as the original, BUT with swimsuits, a maid costume, a cat ear maid costume, bikinis, underwear, and different hair styles!

Additional Content

Additional Costume and Hairstyle:

Bondage Costume:

Costume Pack:

Bath with Rui:
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