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Author Topic: Expanded customization options  (Read 2440 times)


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Expanded customization options
« on: May 28, 2017, 10:58:11 AM »
While I do think the level of customization already present in the game is fabulous, at least for the woman (the man serves as more of a placeholder for now, which I understand to be part of the development cycle), there's definitely room for additional options.

There's always the option of additional sliders, as well as the option to input a specific number into the slider (rather than let it sit on a decimal, which I suppose irks people who prefer whole numbers), in a style of depth similar to the Bodyslide module utilized in mesh sculpting for Skyrim/Fallout.

More importantly however, would be a sort of 'types' options, which would allow the choice of different base shapes for nipples and areola and vag (and anus eventually) among other things just as a for-instance, as well as a variety of pubic hair options ranging from the 'scorched earth full wax' to '80s Playboy Centerfold bikini-line triangle bush' to something even more wild and untamed. Depending on the pubic style, it would be a simple texture or a mesh of its own.

A few more butt-related sliders couldn't hurt, breasts already have several just to themselves, and the booty cannot go un-loved. For instance not just size but roundness, overall shape, etc.


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