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Author Topic: Videos with Correct Scale/Positioning/Perspective? (Is CzechVR the only site?)  (Read 6980 times)


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TL;DR: Why is Czech VR the only site to make the perspective correct? Are there others?

I have used several sites and CzechVR seems to be the only one where the woman is the correct size (not gigantic) and my member is in relatively the correct position (not at my chest or a couple feet down by my knees.

I have several video players (Whirligig, Virtual Desktop and Simple VR Video Player). Simple VR is the only video player with using. I can adjust the video options (SBS, 180 degrees, etc) but also choose my "height" and "distance" inside the video so my weiner will match up with the video.
For the record, I can adjust myself to the correct location in every video. The scale/distorition/perspective is another matter though. Whenever I adjust my position to fix the improper camera setup of the original film, the video gets even wackier in scale (and typically already starts with the women being at an oddly large perspective).

I have tried demos (and even tested some torrents) from various big name sites. I dont understand why they all get it wrong. I would have assumed the technology isnt there yet, except that Czech VR DOES manage to do it correctly. Any advice?


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I'm starting to suspect that its true that CzechVR is the only company to do it right, and that it has to do with the way its filmed.

I did a quick google search ("vr porn scale issue") and the   two relevent topics on this issue both quickly mention CzechVR as an example of scale that actually WORKS.
What the hell, why is it just one company that films it correctly? Feel free to link to any other sites (or specific demos) that have correct perspective because I am curious

Im not affiliated with CzechVR but seriously try a demo and compare to the other sites videos (


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I too tested 12GB torrents from some known sites for the Oculus, simply because I wanted to try out in regards to quality.
All I can say is if I had paid actual money for this I would have angered myself green and blue in the face. (The fact that for most users 12GB per file for one single 25mins scene is a LOT to download not even mentioned). These were the highest quality porn videos made for the Rift with the highest resolution and everything, and they still got scale etc. wrong and quality was "meh" at best.

Short: I think currently the VR porn market is more a money grab if not scam than anything else.

CzechVR, the models itself I do NOT find appealing, and the only HALFWAY decent VR porn I came across for now was actually from NaughtyAmericaVR. I say "halfway decent" since it also wasn't perfect, but at least it didn't have things ENTIRELY wrong like with 3m tall girls etc. like some other sites.


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