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Author Topic: 180 3d vr with two video cameras?  (Read 2989 times)


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180 3d vr with two video cameras?
« on: August 06, 2016, 11:36:39 PM »

       If I wanted to make a 180 degree stereoscopic video could I do it just using two gopro's or is there more too it then that?  I know gopro sells the rigs that hold several cameras and the rigs seem to be just as expensive as an actual camera somehow but if I just wanted a good looking 3d video and I only need roughly 180 degrees can I just use two gopros fastened a couple inches apart? Is there anything I'm missing here?  If I just sync the video up side by side in Sony Vegas and played with the stereoscopic settings would I be able to get a vr movie with quality on par with the vr porn being sold now?  I've read a little about syncing being important when filming this way but I'm not sure just how big a problem that would be.  If I clap my hands or something I can get the views synced no problem but do I actually have to sync the video so delicately that it can only be done by wiring the cameras together before recording?

I think gopro has the capability to sync all the cameras but I bought an sjcam a while ago for a fraction of the price and they are pretty impressive knock offs. I'm not sure they stack up when it comes to vr filming but if they can be used for this I would definitely buy a second one.


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