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Author Topic: Izabella  (Read 13017 times)


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« on: July 09, 2016, 10:21:28 PM »
Hey there,
so I did a few test projects using Daz models and even have gotten into some animation, though that was way too time consuming and tricky. Hence I created "Izabella", a small VR porn game with still poses for you guys to enjoy. It's far from finished, but since I don't have time to continue working on it I thought I'd share it with you guys.

----- IZABELLA V0.9 -----

More Images:

- small desert/fantasy world
- 3+1 places with different PoV positions
- change between 2 BJ and 4 Sex Poses
- customizable character "Izabella"
- options (incl. graphics) will be saved
- Rift support (tested on DK2), also working in 2D

A: previous scene
D: next scene
W: change position (only for BJ and Sex Poses)
Q: Toggle Visibility Top
E: Toggle Visibility Tights
Esc/Alt+F4: Exit
Enter: Reset HMD
(S: go back, you can only move using S)

Download (770MB):!DUonmSzL!Vsl4o11gHvGd3StOX5qgV8iBOGg-1C8-zQ1M0TQ79GU

Simply extract to any desired folder (for vr might only work if extracted to C://), open "Izabella V0.9", and execute "Izabella.exe". To make it run with the rift, start the oculus app before running the exe (perhaps even in combination with steam VR); enjoy!
Note: hasn't been tested with the CV1, but it should work since it worked with the DK2.

Hope you'll enjoy this little, unfinished testprojekt, though it but only includes static poses. But Izabella is a gorgeous fantasy babe worth "exploring"!  ;D
Have fun,


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Re: Izabella
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2016, 07:22:57 AM »
works on the htc vive but this is such a  simple demo. no animations no sound pretty bland :(


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Re: Izabella
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2016, 09:54:52 AM »
Thanks for sharing


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Re: Izabella
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2017, 05:50:45 PM »
how do you get rid of the  male


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