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Author Topic: Madden is actually packed with enjoyable features  (Read 130 times)


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Madden is actually packed with enjoyable features
« on: July 15, 2021, 07:30:21 PM »

Madden is actually packed with enjoyable features. The main problem has been the lack of polish, which was certainly made worse by the pandemic. Overall, I'm happy with the new style of sport. I also think homefield advantage is an excellent option that's long overdue.

Here are some additional improvements I've discovered with Madden 22 that weren't directly related to homefield advantage.

The coaching tree is currently being developed Outside of homefield advantage, another feature that Madden 22 seems to be removing from NCAA Football 14 is the possibility of hiring offensive and defensive coordinators, and enhance them with a skill tree. This long-awaited feature is expected to add depth and depth to franchise mode. Madden's inspiration is not from NCAA Football, according to the Executive Producer Seann Graddy. "[H]onestly, their influences are more rooted in games like God of War," Graddy says "My son and I have played for a long time."

Scouting will be updated... lateron: Scouting has been another sore point for franchise mode, and fans will be thrilled to know that it's being overhauled in Madden 22. This is not going to happen immediately. Graddy says that the team was considering pushing the update for Madden 23, but decided to incorporate it into a live update. "We've treated the entire game, and definitely not just the an individual franchise as a live service," Graddy says. "So we said, well, let's continue to work on it and get it out, you know near the NFL season within that September timeframe. The fans will be able to enjoy it in the coming year." When it does arrive, it will come with elements like the dynamic draft board that changes every year.

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