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Author Topic: How many of you have updated to windows 10? Do many VR games work with DX12?  (Read 6991 times)


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UE$ 4.10 supports DX12 and I was wondering if you guys have experienced a performance boost from this? I have been reading mixed results.


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It will be a while before we see the results of DX 12.
DX 12 is a protocol that dictates how your CPU and GPU interact with one another, so we won't see the effects of DX 12 until games and media players that are coded for DX 12 release . Games and players coded for DX 9, 10, & 11 will run the same way they did before.

Post edit: I'm an idiot. Should have checked who was asking before posting that as if I were talking to an enthusiast instead of a dev.
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I have not updated a thing.
And still on SDK 0,6


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just updated to win 10 last week.
till now doesn't look so terrible.


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Tried Win10... It's such a terrible thing. Rolled back to Win 8
The same thing. While i was trying Windows 10 my laptop was slower than a snail.


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Hopefully someone at Oculus realizes that exclusivity would be a death sentence for VR at this stage. The market share just won't be large enough initially to support two competing exclusive platforms, and Valve is well positioned to force competing developers out of the market. If consumers have to decide which VR platform they're going to invest in (and can almost certainly only afford one) they'll wait to jump in until one company or the other clearly comes out on top. Buying neither will cripple sales for both companies, and discourage developers from making VR focused games.


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