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Author Topic: Daisy in Summer  (Read 30196 times)


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Daisy in Summer
« on: August 22, 2015, 10:04:18 PM »
From the Oculus Reddit: :)
from r/oculusnsfw

I stumbled on this gem at Hongfire. It runs on my DK2 but for some reason I only have positional tracking, no head rotation tracking...

Anyway, it looks great, here are some screenshots:


Demo link here!wZBRmLDZ!PdUhdQIAP2DRbNtIiVz4eJZUoQB_kCk62ptga-JvYY0 (Thanks Creatio @ Hongfire)

It's in Chinese, on the start screen there are 3 options:

Start game - Options - Exit game

First there is a short story introduction, just click through it, you'll get to a variety of sex positions after.

While playing use the mouse scroll wheel to increase speed and eventually advance to the next scene (after choosing between 2 options in Chinese.)

While playing there are 4 icons in the bottom-right cornor, these are:

1st person mode - Change clothes - Toggle male on/off - Reset camera

If anyone knows how to fix the the head rotation tracking issue I'd be glad to hear it!

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Re: Daisy in Summer
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2015, 03:49:13 AM »
If you un-tick the checkbox in the settings it enters direct VR mode.
For some reason you can't select menu options after that and therefore can't press play.

To reset it back to default reinstalling won't do anything. You have to delete it's folder from the Windows local -> user data directory

You can press ALT+Enter to toggle vr and normal mode
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