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Author Topic: Audio in VR  (Read 6651 times)


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Audio in VR
« on: February 07, 2015, 09:14:04 AM »
Thanks Not_More_Faps from reddit for this sweet guide :)

Hi. I'm a college student who has some experience with game design (taken classes in Unity, and I have a job as a not-game-software developer), and I'd like to drop a few things about improving VR demos. I don't have the time to actually make a demo. Maybe I do and I'm just lazy, but this is my way to give back to the community, so you'll have to grin and bare it. Actually - most of this advice can be applied to SFW demos too. But I'm a perv who uses his rift for jacking it mostly - so I'm putting it here.

The idea is that these tips will be about Low-Hanging-Fruit, or, easy things you can do to increase the value of your demo a lot. I realize most people doing work here are just hobbyists and amateurs - many first-timers as well. And I greatly appreciate the work that these people put into their projects - but none of them want tips that require mastery of Unity and Game Design to pull off.

This first one is about audio - and I've posted similar stuff on other threads, but I figure I'll just make a dedicated post about it because it's important. I may make other posts in the future, if this turns out to be something people want.

Audio is so important. If VR is all about the immersion of your senses into another world - then surely getting another sense in on the action would help tremendously. Particularly with headphones as opposed to speakers.

There are a few 'types' of audio that you should look into including in your game, they are listed from "most impactful, hardest to implement" to "least impactful, easiest to implement".

This is audio that is placed on the focused visible object (in this case, a character), that responds to the users actions, and has a correlated animation. An example would be speaking, in most games - maybe footsteps and gunshots. But in this realm - a decent example would be a character that makes 'make-out-noises' when you are near the lips, and 'sex noises' near the junk. This is hard to implement, because it requires a bit of game logic to get working - as well as having to find more specific sound samples.

This is audio that is placed on a key visible object. Tied to it. The prime example here would be a character - and for relevancy - one that is moaning. But regardless of what the user input is doing. This is easier to implement, but still a bit of work. Just find a porn video similar to your scenario with decent quality audio. Download it. Strip the audio. Maybe crop it to get rid of any unnecessary parts, and place it on your model. Alternatively - head over to /r/gonewildaudio[1] for some noises that may help.

This is audio that is coming out of visible objects to make the world seem more real, but is not of particular importance. For example, a crackling fire, or a static TV. Beeps from machines. Use your imagination. Or better yet. Be quiet for like five seconds. What do you hear around you? Whirring of a computer probably. Clock ticking maybe. Cars outside. These type of noises are very easy to obtain from websites like Download them. Stick them into your game - easy peasy. As I mention later on - it's important though, that it has a visual identifier too. Don't include a clock-ticking noise, without a clock.

This is audio that is heard, but not really seen, and has no real directional to it. It helps to have it positioned (like a window, for outside noises) but it will be good even if not. The idea is that dead silence is uncomfortable, and having a bit of noise is better than none if it can be helped. It can be kinda 'white noise'. Outside noises like wind, birds, children playing. nvm please don't do that in a porn demo.

These three combine to make an extremely immersive demo, and are relatively easy to implement. The most important part is making sure that each noise is coming from a specific location in space, and to have a visual identifier of that place.
For example - there are a lot of demos that include music. While this is fine - a lot of times it is seemingly played just stereo, through the headphones. Meaning it has no directionality to it. It is other-worldly, and does nothing to make the experience seem more real.** Instead, place a boombox in the corner - and an audio-object inside it.** Takes minutes (assuming free boombox models are easy to find), but adds so much. The reason it adds so much is because when turning your head, you now an entire extra sense of that rotation, rather than just visual. The visual identifier seems unnecessary as well - but it's such a small touch, and I promise it adds a surprising amount.

Ascii-Yo's Do You Remember[2] is a great example of audio done right. Unfortunately, it's hard to enjoy it unless you also enjoy penises. But here is what it does right:
Dynamic Audio: Ignoring the incredible work that went in to making the model actually move and react depending on your actions - having the audio react alone is a great improvement in its own regard.

Ambient Audio: I believe it has noises (music maybe?) coming from the computer in the scene. It's been a few days since I was last in this demo, and my internet is being too slow for me to test it again. But that would be an example of smartly positioned, relevant ambient audio cues.

Background Audio: It has an 'outside' background audio that is both relevant to the scene, as well as placed in 3D space. This greatly increases 'passive awareness' in the scene.
You may have noticed that I didn't mention any 'Direct' sounds. There are a number of reasons for this.

Dynamic Audio is essentially just Direct Audio that is improved.
I made up mostly everything - so the taxonomic system I implied is not perfect. This isn't a college course in sound. I'm a guy with thoughts who wanted to write them down.
Another good example of well-done audio is Hantzgruber's Bioshock demo [3] . There's a few others, but I don't have them well named in my downloads folder, and I'm not going to sort through them all to find them. If you have anyone good ones - post a comment letting me know and I'll update this post with it.
Hope you enjoyed this, or maybe learned something from it.!
Free sources for Audio (Erotic and Normal) great place to find tons of high quality free stuff. I used this a lot back in my days of making flash animations. I believe you have to make an account though. - Not as great in terms of quantity and site design - but still has a wealth of sound effects. Just on the first few pages I found a good couple of ambient ones.
/r/GoneWildAudio[4] - This is a great subreddit for getting various erotic sounds. Mostly it's people reading scripts, and generally speaking is not something you want, unless you have the capability to animate lips really well. But maybe make a 'request' for certain sounds - they get fulfilled quite often.
Search for "Audio erotica" or just "Audio Sex Novels", to steer in the right direction. Credit to Ascii_yo


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Re: Audio in VR
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2015, 05:51:56 PM »
Thanks! Glad you liked it! I'm going to make another one soon about generic graphical things, when I find the time. Also, this post is missing a bit of the formatting and links. The original one was here. But I'm glad its posted here too.


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