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Author Topic: Various Questions  (Read 3408 times)


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Various Questions
« on: February 03, 2015, 04:46:39 AM »
Hey guys,

so I am currently working on a simple little demo to start having some fun with VR, but even with all the tutorials around, I still got some questions:

I have a model which is clothed but also is completely meshed and textured below the clothes. Is there an easy way to switch between naked/clothed in Blender, or even better, in UE4? I mean making the clothes fully opaque might be a thing but that is probably not the best option. Up until now, I always just deleted or rescaled meshes, but that feels kind of wrong and being able to switch between clothed and naked might be nice.

In UE4, is there an option to align animations (relative to other actors)? Since most of the "interesting" animations will include at least two actors, aligning them by something like pelvis offset might be pretty helpful. I mean, you can always just make a single animations which includes both actors, but id rather not do that.

In UE4, is there an option to add/remove/change textures of active actors? I would love to change the roughness of certain bodyparts while the animations are playing / completely change some of the textures.


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